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Important Lake rules


1. No person shall operate a boat at a speed greater than 35 miles per hour from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friess Lake. At all other times the maximum speed shall be slow-no-wake.
2. No person shall operate a boat at a speed greater than slow-no-wake at all times on little Friess lake.
3. No motorboat shall approach or pass another boat in such a manner as to create a
hazardous wake or wash.
4.No person shall use wake-enhancing devices, including ballast tanks, wedges, or hydrofoils or other mechanical devices, or un-even loading of persons or gear, to artificially operate bow-high on any lake in the Village of Richfield.

These rules are just some of the important rules for Friess lake and little Friess lake taken from the Village of Richfield website and the Wisconsin DNR website ( see links below). If you are not familiar with some of these rules, taking a boaters safety class maybe a good idea along with saving you some money on your boat insurance. For fishing rules on Friess lake you can check out the Wisconsin DNR website. If the Village of Richfield declares a high water emergency or removes the high water emergency, we will update our website as soon as possible if you have any questions contact the Village or there website. It is your responsibility to know the rules.

FLAA By-Laws

Link to WDNR boat regulations

Link to Village of Richfield lake regulations

Link to WDNR fishing regulations



Aquatic Invasive Species Signs 4/1/2011

Starting on April 6th, Washington County Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Coordinator, Paul
Klein, will be installing newly updated Invasive Species signs at all boat landings and access
points throughout Washington County. The Wisconsin DNR has developed one sign that will
replace the older signs now present at boat landings. The signage is designed to raise awareness
to all people accessing the water with any type of boat or personal water craft, or by foot.
To prevent the spread of invasive species, all users must adhere to 4 rules before entering, and
leaving a body of water.
These 4 rules are:
 INSPECT boats, trailers, and equipment.
 REMOVE all attached aquatic plants and animals.
 DRAIN all water from boats, vehicles and equipment.
 NEVER move plants or live fish away from a water body.
As a reminder, it is also state law that aquatic plants and animals cannot be transported away
from, or to a body of water. Penalties for this offense can range from $200.00 to $2,000.00.
If you have any questions, please contact Paul Klein at 262.335.4806.