Friess Lake is a 121 acre lake located in Washington County Wisconsin. It has a maximum depth of 48 feet. Fish include Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye.  The western end of the lake includes Glacier Hills County Park.  The lake is fed from the North by the Oconomowoc River, flows into a connecting 14 acre lake, Little Friess Lake that exits South into the Oconomowoc River.  There are approximately 211 homes on Friess Lake and Little Friess Lake.  There is currently a county owned public boat launch at Wild Marsh Landing on Little Friess Lake.

Friess Lake and Little Friess Lake with Oconomowoc River Entry and Exit

The Friess Lake Advancement Association, Incorporated (FLAA) was originally formed in 1948 with a mission to protect the quality of water and wildlife in Friess Lake and Little Friess Lake and its watershed; to provide a forum for discussion and action on lake-related issues; and to influence growth and development while preserving the quality of life of all lake users. FLAA is currently a non-profit tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3).  For our members this means that donations to FLAA are tax-deductible.

To become a member or get more information about the FLAA please contact our Secretary Sam Chase (friesslakeassociation@gmail.com) or go to our Membership page to access the membership form to pay dues or make donations.

Current Board Members for 2023 include:

President:                                Bonnie Johnson 

Vice President:                        Frederick Schaible

Secretary:                                Samuel Chase    

Treasurer:                               Carolyn Taylor

Member:                                 Coleen Prager

Member:                                 Jeffrey Luetschwager

Member:                                 Kris Johnson      

Member:                                 Mark Knueppel

Learn more about the structure of the FLAA by reading our By-Laws: At this Link

To get information about when the lakes freeze and thaw use this Link